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I've been a lazy shit, yet I also have college and the likes. I do make stuff occasionally, but it isn't exactly stuff I would call fantastic. I'll see if I can find anything I would deem worthy of uploading. Maybe it's an old picture I took or maybe it's something I made in class. However, I do plan on making a wicked infographic for my design and illustration class, so I hope that turns out nice. I also write on my spare time, even if it's not the greatest or most interesting. What I do write though I do not post unless I am finished, which is rather often so good luck getting anything from me in the form of literature.

Anyways, sorry for not doing anything these days, but shit changes. I hope that some day I get back into the swing of things or gain confidence in my unfinished work.

Also, with season 5 around the corner, I hope on getting some drive and inspiration again to do more experimental and interesting things. It's easy to experiment on 2D solid coloured characters, so a new season is always a good playing field for new and interesting things. I might also fall back into finding silly frames and vectoring them. Who knows, only time can tell.
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James Borland
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[11:28:12 PM] Micah <insert last name here>: It's hard not to remember someone who draws exquiste renditions of postiers firing condenced energy in the form of light.

And it's about damn fuckin time too.


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